Fleetwood Mac's Balls Sell for Thousands


 Mick Fleetwood, of the ever popular band Fleetwood Mac, had just auctioned off his iconic pair of 

wooden balls that he wore on the cover of their 1977 Fleetwood Mac album "Rumours". The set of 

balls were sold for an astounding $128,000. The most expensive ball ever sold was Mark McGwire's 

 In an interview with Rolling Stones, Mick Fleetwood had confessed that the two wooden balls 

dangling in between his legs were actually "lavatory chains" that he took from a bathroom stall before 

the photoshoot. Mick said this to Maui Time in 2009 about the story of the balls, "I must admit I had a 

couple of glasses of English ale... I was very destructive - ripped them off the toilet and had them 

hanging down between my legs"