Terry Sawchuk's 400 Stitches

 Terry Sawchuk is considered as one of the greatest goalies to ever protect the net. He held the record for the most career shutouts for 39 years until Martin Brodeur broke it on December 21, 2009. 
Besides Sawchuk's many Stanley Cup wins, awards and records, he also hold one the most horrifying record to be held by a hockey player, the 400 stitches he racked up is the most in the history of the league.
Even though face masks became a regular accessory for a goalie to wear in 1959, Sawchuk did not wear one until 1962.

The heavily damaged face and body of Terry Sawchuk

Jacques Plante donning a face mask after getting hit by a puck in the face. 
Plante was the first goalie to wear a face shield.