Creating a Flat Shipping Rule for Combined Shipping on Ebay

 Click on My eBay drop down menu. Click on Summary.

Click on Account

Scroll down and click on Shipping Preferences

Edit Combined payments

Click on the box "Allow buyers to send one combined payment for all items purchased" and click on Save.

Edit Flat Shipping Rule

Choose "Add an amount for each additional item" on the dropdown menu and type how much per extra card you'd like to charge. I charge 25 cents per extra card. Also, choose the profile name for the flat shipping rule. I used Canada as I am using this rule for domestic shipping. Click on Save.

Click on My eBay dropdown menu and click on Selling

Click on Listings and Click on Create Listing

Scroll down to Domestic Shipping and then click on Flat Shipping rule dropdown menu. Click on the profile name that you used for your domestic flat shipping rule. I used Canada so I would click on Canada.