Shaq's Son with a $3 Billion Memorabilia

 Shareef O'Neal, Shaquille O'Neal's son who plays in the G League, has just acquired 

the most sought  after piece of sports memorabilia. A jersey swap from the viral sensation Steeve Ho 

You Fat. A 1 of 1 jersey that the son of the the Hall of Famer had acquired from playing against Ho You 

Fat's Team, A French basketball team called The Metropolitans 92. It was an exhibition game that had 

the spotlight on the top prospect for the 2023 NBA Draft Victor Wembanyama.

 Scoota Henderson is another top prospect for the 2023 NBA Draft that was featured in the exhibition 

game. Henderson plays with Shareef O'Neal for the G League Ignite.

 After the exhibition game, O'Neal went straight to Steeve Ho You Fat. Not Wembanyama nor 

Henderson who were supposed to be the stars of the game. Shareef only had this to say during the 

interview when he approached Ho You Fat for the jersey swap;

I just asked and he gave it to me. I got the 1 of 1 that everybody's looking for

 Shareef O'Neal also mentioned that he would be auctioning off the jersey on ebay at the starting bid 

price of $3 Billion.


 Steeve Ho You Fat by the way is the Metropolitan 92 of the LNB Pro A basketball player's real name.

Ho You Fat was born in French Guiana. The Ho You Fat's family business controls the shipping port of