NFLer Retires After Sale of Rare Pokemon


Blake Martinez was a linebacker for the Las Vegas Raiders. You can check out his trading cards on Ebay by clicking on this link.

 Blake Martinez was a linebacker for the Las Vegas Raiders and was originally drafted by the 

Green Bay Packers in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. After four seasons of playing for 

 "The Packers", Martinez was traded to the New York Giants, played for the "Jints" for two seasons and 

then was sent to the Las Vegas Raiders during last year's offseason thereafter. 
 Midway thru the season, Martinez who had 20 tackles in four games, announced that he was retiring 

and didn't elaborate as to what the reason for his decision. He announced his retirement on his 

Instagram page.
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 A week prior to his retirement, Martinez sold a rare pokemon card for $672,000. It was a 9.5 "Gem 

Mint" 1998 Japanese Pikachu Illustrator Trophy Contest Pokemon Trading Card. 

Here is a video of him from Instagram talking to CGC about his rare pokemon card