$2 Million offer for Aaron Judge's 62nd Home Run Ball

 An auction house has offered the fan who caught Aaron Judge's 62nd Homerun ball for $2 million. Judge's 62nd homer has surpassed Roger Maris' AL or American League's record. It is also considered to be baseball's clean standard as the National League players who have hit more homeruns are tainted by steroids.
 Cory Youman was the guy who caught the historic homerun as the ball flew by his seat in the left field front row of Section 31. Youman was asked what he would do with the ball and he responded by saying that he actually doesn't know yet.
"Good question. I haven't thought about it yet" - Youman

This is the video of Aaron Judge hitting the historic 62nd homerun

JP Cohen is the president of Memory Lane and has a good relationship with the New York Yankees. He has offered Youman $2 million and thinks that his offer is fair and still on the table.

"We'll see what happens with that. It would be great to get it back, but that's a souvenir for a fan. He made a great catch out there, and they've got every right to it." - JP Cohen

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