Mark Zuckerberg Autographed Baseball Rookie Card


Mark Zuckerberg Autographed 1992 Baseball Card 

 Check it out! Mark Zuckerberg's first ever autographed baseball card will be auctioned on September 24 at ComicConnect.Com. The card was given to Allie Tarantino by Zuckerberg's mom and half-jokingly asked for him to sign it. 30 years later, this card got graded and possibly is going to sell for a lot of money. Along with the physical baseball card, the winning bidder will also get the NFT of the baseball card. The winner will get access to the NFT or Non-Fungible Token via a private link. The link will give the highest bidder to download a digital copy of the verified documents that include a digital copy of the certificate of authentication from University Archives signed by President, John Reznicoff and a digital copy of the verification letter from Irwin Simon, the person who printed and made the card, signed by President, Steve Miller.

"In 1992, an eight year old boy attended Elmwood Camp in Westchester County, New York and dreamed of making it in the big leagues! Weighing in at just 48 lbs, the young infielder notched up a remarkable .920 batting average. After discussing his future career with his favorite counselor, Allie Tarantino, the aspiring young player was kind enough to gift Allie the one of a kind baseball card that Mark's own mother had had made by a local printer. Half-jokingly, Allie asked the young man to sign the card. After nearly 3 decades, Allie never expected to have in his possession the world's first and only tech giant rookie card signed by the genius mind behind Meta, Mark Zuckerberg" - ComicConnect.Com

"The Zuckerberg baseball card is owned by Mark's camp counselor, Allie Tarantino, who consigned it to ComicConnect. The NFT is also owned by Allie Tarantino and is also consigned to us. We will set up a secure wallet to hold and mint the NFT, including the card's metadata, for Allie for the auction."-

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This one is a little bit creepy though but then again...